Monday, April 21, 2014

Each year on April 22 since 1970, millions of people worldwide celebrate Earth Day

Each year on April 22 since 1970, millions of people worldwide celebrate Earth Day. However, many cities across the world celebrate Earth Day on different days throughout this week with many events occurring this weekend.

You can do your part for Earth Day by lessening your impact on the planet - change to energy efficient light bulbs, turn of power when not being used, drive less and walk or bicycle more, recycle and so on. If everyone one of us did these simple things year round, year after year, we can make tremendous change.


• Replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy star bulbs – reduce your carbon footprint by 450 pounds a year
• Keep your tires properly inflated and get better gas mileage – reduce your carbon footprint another 20 pounds for each gallon of gas saved 
• Change your car’s air filter regularly
• Run your dishwasher only when it’s full
• Move your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer – reduce your carbon footprint by 2,000 pounds
• Use cold water to wash your clothes – reduce your carbon footprint by 500 pounds a year
• Buy Energy Star appliances
• Weatherize and insulate your home, and consider double pane windows
• Buy organic food because the chemicals used in modern agriculture pollute the water supply, and require energy to produce
• Keep your water heater insulated and the thermostat no higher than 120°F
• Plant a tree because trees suck up carbon dioxide and make clean air for us to breathe
• Use a low-flow showerhead because the less water you use, the less energy required to heat the water – reduce your carbon footprint 350 pounds a year
• Buy locally and reduce the amount of energy required to drive your products to your store
• Buy products with less packaging and recycle paper, plastic and glass
• Reduce your garbage by 10% and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by 1,200 pounds a year
• Car pool, use public transportation or drive a fuel efficient car – reduce your carbon footprint by 1 pound for every mile you do not drive
• Turn off what you’re not using and even unplug electronics you’re not using – reduce your carbon footprint by thousands of pounds a year

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Selling Your House? Just Price it Right!

The housing market is recovering nicely. Prices have increased nationally by double digits over the last twelve months. Competition from the shadow inventory of lower priced distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) is diminishing rapidly. Now may be the perfect time to sell your home and move to the dream house or beautiful location your family has always talked about.

The one suggestion we would definitely offer: DON’T OVERPRICE IT!!
Even though prices have increased by more than 10% over the last year, the acceleration of appreciation has slowed dramatically over the last few months. As an example, in their April Home Price Index Report, CoreLogic revealed that home prices actually depreciated by .08% this month as compared to last month’s report. What concerns us is that Trulia just reported that asking prices are still continuing to increase.

Because investor purchases are declining and there are more listings coming onto the market, we believe that sellers should be very cautious when they price their house. The alternative might be that you could lose money by overpricing your home at the start as explained in a research study on the matter.

Bottom Line
Though it is a great time to sell your house, pricing it right is crucial. Get guidance from a real estate professional in your marketplace to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Experienced Agent Could Mean $25,000 More for Your Home!

An Experienced Agent Could Mean $25,000 More for Your Home!

For real estate agents, experience brings a number of advantages. With experience, agents gain deep market knowledge, stronger negotiating skills, a wider professional network and more. According to a recent study in the Journal of Housing Research, these tools could mean the difference of $25,000 for your home!
In the study, homes listed by experienced real estate agents sold for $25,000 dollars more, on average, than those listed by rookie agents. Experienced agents were also more likely to sell the home and to sell it faster.
For homeowners who are struggling with their mortgages and looking for answers, finding a trained and experienced agent is even more important. It takes an experienced agent to help homeowners understand their options and help them find the best path through their unique situations.
I have a report entitled “The $25,000 Home Selling Bonus” that explains how working with an experienced and trained agent can benefit you. I think you’ll be surprised by the difference experience makes. If you or someone you know can use my help, please read the report, and then contact me for a free, confidential consultation.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Prices have increased

Many homeowners may not realize it, considering how far the real estate market fell when the
housing bubble burst, but in the past 12 months,prices have actually rebounded at a fairly remarkable pace. In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS, prices rose 14.5% year over year in June of 2013. This is the biggest yearly increase in prices since November of 2005, when the
market was almost at its peak.
For homeowners, this incredible increase in prices means that much of the value that was lost during the housing crisis may have returned and people who have put off selling their homes are beginning to see that selling makes sense again. For those who were underwater, this is welcome
news. These homeowners may very well have equity again for the first time in years. For people who had planned on moving up into a bigger home but held off because the value of their current home was too low, these price increases are a sign that it may be time to start considering moving up again. But price increases aren’t only reason why selling today might make sense.

"These price increases area sign that it may be time to start considering moving up again. "

... People who sell their home today are in the strongest bargaining position in years...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Your Home May Be Worth More Than You Think!

Your Home May Be Worth More Than You Think!

You probably wouldn’t have believed it a year ago, but today may very well be a great time to sell your home!
Prices have gone up substantially for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that more and more people are looking to buy. 
Couple this with the fact that inventory in our market is low, and it becomes a simple supply and demand equation with the result being that homeowners are in the driver’s seat!
I have a report that explains in detail why prices have gone up and why your home might be worth more than you think, send me an email to request the report..

The report is entitled, “Return of the Housing Market” and I believe you’ll be surprised when you download and read it.

After reading the report, contact me today for a free market analysis.


Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today, many experts agree that the United States real estate market is on the mend. These experts point to many factors: there are fewer distressed properties on the market; the demand for houses is growing faster than the number of homes on the market; and home prices are steadily increasing month after month. In fact in many markets, home prices are near their 2006 peak!

Because of the market crash, many homeowners found themselves “underwater,” with mortgages worth more than the value of their homes. The last five to six years showed little light at the end of tunnel, and many simply stopped believing the market and their situation could improve. However today’s market has improved drastically, but many have yet to realize it.

Today, there is hope for homeowners who found themselves stuck or struggling due to the
market crash. If you know one of the millions of homeowners who were underwater on their
mortgage, or if you have been waiting to sell your home until the market improved, now may be the time to sell!

Home Prices Continue to Increase

According to CoreLogic’s Home Price Index (HPI®), September 2013 was the 19th consecutive
month with year-over-year increase in home prices nationally .

“September 2013 was the 19th consecutive month with year-over-year home price increases”

This is tremendous news for homeowners! This nationwide increase in home prices speaks to
the steady recovery of the real estate market over the last year. For homeowners underwater on their homes, it means their homes may“reach the surface” for the first time in years,and they may finally find equity back in their homes. For homeowners who have been waiting for the market to improve, it may mean they can now finally sell, whether to move or to upgrade to a bigger home.

It’s a Seller’s Market

 Home prices continue trending upwards for many reasons. Two of the core reasons, however,
make today's market a sellers’ market.

1. More and more people are looking to purchase homes as the market improves.
 However, the number of homes for sale is low. Today more people want to buy homes today than at any time in the past five or six years. However, housing inventory remains low. This simple law of supply and demand is allowing homeowners to ask more for their homes.

2. There number of distressed properties has dropped dramatically, lessening their impact on the market. When the economy crashed, many homeowners found themselves in financial hardship and
unable to pay their mortgages. Facing foreclosure, they tried to sell only to find that the value
of their home was less than what they owed.
For the last five or six years, these properties shave kept home prices low. Today, much of the distressed property inventory has been sold, so these properties don’t affect the market as significantly.
“This means both distressed and non-distressed sellers find themselves in a much better position
as they can ask more for their homes!”

Monday, January 13, 2014

Waiting Cost

We can’t change the past.

However, what occurred in the last twelve months should give us some direction when making a decision over the next twelve months. Here is what it may cost a buyer at the end of 2014.