Today, many experts agree that the United States real estate market is on the mend. These experts point to many factors: there are fewer distressed properties on the market; the demand for houses is growing faster than the number of homes on the market; and home prices are steadily increasing month after month. In fact in many markets, home prices are near their 2006 peak!

Because of the market crash, many homeowners found themselves “underwater,” with mortgages worth more than the value of their homes. The last five to six years showed little light at the end of tunnel, and many simply stopped believing the market and their situation could improve. However today’s market has improved drastically, but many have yet to realize it.

Today, there is hope for homeowners who found themselves stuck or struggling due to the
market crash. If you know one of the millions of homeowners who were underwater on their
mortgage, or if you have been waiting to sell your home until the market improved, now may be the time to sell!

Home Prices Continue to Increase

According to CoreLogic’s Home Price Index (HPI®), September 2013 was the 19th consecutive
month with year-over-year increase in home prices nationally .

“September 2013 was the 19th consecutive month with year-over-year home price increases”

This is tremendous news for homeowners! This nationwide increase in home prices speaks to
the steady recovery of the real estate market over the last year. For homeowners underwater on their homes, it means their homes may“reach the surface” for the first time in years,and they may finally find equity back in their homes. For homeowners who have been waiting for the market to improve, it may mean they can now finally sell, whether to move or to upgrade to a bigger home.

It’s a Seller’s Market

 Home prices continue trending upwards for many reasons. Two of the core reasons, however,
make today's market a sellers’ market.

1. More and more people are looking to purchase homes as the market improves.
 However, the number of homes for sale is low. Today more people want to buy homes today than at any time in the past five or six years. However, housing inventory remains low. This simple law of supply and demand is allowing homeowners to ask more for their homes.

2. There number of distressed properties has dropped dramatically, lessening their impact on the market. When the economy crashed, many homeowners found themselves in financial hardship and
unable to pay their mortgages. Facing foreclosure, they tried to sell only to find that the value
of their home was less than what they owed.
For the last five or six years, these properties shave kept home prices low. Today, much of the distressed property inventory has been sold, so these properties don’t affect the market as significantly.
“This means both distressed and non-distressed sellers find themselves in a much better position
as they can ask more for their homes!”